Saartjie 2019 Wines

Saartjie 2019 Wines

Unique. Award-winning wine. Hello, Saartjie 2019!

Vines are like magic. Making wine is like magic. Turning vines into award-winning wines is not like magic, it can be pretty hard, but with a little help from a man’s best friend, it is most definitely always worth it!

If you have been on the journey with us, you would know all about Hillcrest Saartjie wines. You would know that we make them from very small blocks of vines that were first planted in 2004 on slopes facing the Atlantic Ocean about 250m above sea level. There is a lot of care and attention given to making sure we showcase these special varietals in all their glory, and if you have visited our beautiful estate, you have probably met the fiercely loveable Saartjie herself – our winemakers’ grape-eating, quad-bike riding Jack Russel.

Right, back to the business of introducing you to our new award-winning wines. Our Saartjie range consists of four wines, and we are so pleased to announce our new 2019 vintages!

Hillcrest Saartjie Semillon 2019

100% Semillon. The Saartjie Semillon spent up to 6 months in French oak barrels and displays soft citrus and floral notes with a subtle oaky finish. This is a beautifully well-rounded wine that can be enjoyed on its own or with a meal.

Hillcrest Saartjie Malbec 2019

100% Malbec matured for 12 months in new and first-fill French oak barrels. Well-structured with notes of black cherry, plumbs, and violets. Warm spice lingers on the palate with an elegant and well-balanced finish. An absolute must-try!

Hillcrest Saartjie Cabernet Franc 2019 

100% Cabernet Franc. Matured for 12 months in new and first-fill French oak barrels. Hints of crushed chalk and floral fields meet your nose at first with lovely spice and black current notes to follow soon after. A well-integrated tannin structure with a lasting finish makes this wine perfect to enjoy with food or just because!

Hillcrest Saartjie Petit Verdot 2019

100% Petit Verdot. Matured for 12 months in new and first-fill French oak barrels. This well-structured wine has a lovely dark color with berries, dark fruit, and perfumed notes. A full-bodied wine with well-balanced tannins that grip the palate and promise a good aging potential!

P.S. Saartjie enjoys the Semillon grapes the most, but we can’t decide which wine we love more.

Our Saartjie wines are R155 to R165 per bottle and are all available in our Cellar Door and online. Why not discover the Durbanville Wine Valley and visit Hillcrest Wine Farm for a tasting and to meet the legendary hound who the wine is lovingly named after!

We can’t wait to see you soon!

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